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Paragraphing Midsentence

Think about his friend's death, which he is trying to believe was an accident instead of suicide:
I saw him raise his eyebrows and It was really gustly by then, the wind was Anyway he was already Some things are too hard to Screw this. I mean, seriously. (Before We Go Extinct, Rivers, page 19, 2016)
There is a general technique of putting a paragraph break in the middle of the sentence. I've been doing it regularly in my short stories for about two years, so it's hard for me to think of this technique as cutting edge. But it's new enough that authors are finding new ways of doing it. Or ways I didn't think of.

The straightforward way to do this is a dash for interruption at the end of the sentence. And then not continue the sentence. Um, that's the default.

Leaving out the dash creates an effect. The sentence can be continued or not. (I don't know if this is still cutting edge.)

      ...Rob driving me crazy with desire, then feeling kisses on my stomach, my breasts, finally Rob over my face, his breath
      so foul I gag, frantically pushing him away but he's like a rock, his hand over my mouth, he kisses my cheek, no BITES it, stabbing shocking excruciating pain.

      Then a hand strays down to my stomach, he starts kissing my breast, his fingers start exciting my
      I jump out of bed. "THAT WAS GREAT! OH! MY! GOD!"
And then we get to the brilliant. This construct is used throughout the book:
      There was a more personal element involved, and he thought about the consultant's --             cold       -- smile, and realized that ...
(The Consultant, Little, page 50)